Moda Kitchen and Bar

  • Times
    • Monday: 9am–6pm
    • Tuesday: 9am–6pm
    • Wednesday: 9am–6pm
    • Thursday: 9am–12am
    • Friday: 9am–12am
    • Saturday: 9am–12am
    • Sunday: 10am–9pm

June 2022: “Checking out the new kid in town. Welcome @moda_kitchenandbar!

Moda may only have a handful of vegan options but they seem well thought out and tasty. We tried the chickpea sausage and avocado sandwich with vegan ‘slaw and were impressed! The breakfast looks lovely too. They had oat milk for teas and they Guinness was at just the right temperature, according to the husband 😄”

Last Updated: 29 June 2022

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