• Address: 380 Bury New Road
  • Postcode: M25 1AR
  • Phone: 0800 042 0800

  • Times
    • Sunday: 10am–4pm
    • Monday: 8am–10pm
    • Tuesday: 8am–10pm
    • Wednesday: 8am–10pm
    • Thursday: 8am–10pm
    • Friday: 8am–10pm
    • Saturday: 8am–10pm

April 2022: “Some new and some good stuff in prestwich Aldi just now. No plant menu lamb for easter left though. Happy Easter !🐰”

February 2022: “Forgot to share yesterday but these (Chicago Town stuff crust vegan pizzas) were in Prestwich Aldi at £2.49. There were loads x”

January 2020: “Aldi now has its own-brand vegan ‘Magnum’ ice cream bars”

January 2020: “Plant based tuna.. Pains au Chocolate.. Chunky Chocolate Chip Cookies.. Chocolate Spread.. Sausage Rolls.. Jackfruit Rolls.. Curry Pie.. Mushroom Mince”

Last Updated: 17 May 2022

Tags: frozen